In 5C’s, Monster Fish, Goblin, and Orange are starting their journey in a fantasy world. Their goals are to survive as long as possible, retrieve ability, defeat enemies, and reach success. Of course you guys should work together!



Character 1 (Goblin): AD to move, W to jump, and F to Shoot.

Character 2 (Orange): Left&Right Arrows to move, Up Arrow to Jump, and > to Shoot.

Character 3 (Monster Fish): HK to move, U to Jump, and B to Shoot.



ysong - Main Artist, Coder, Level 2 Designer, Goblin Designer

Peilin - Coder, Level One Designer, Monster Fish Designer

soppart - Orange & Dragon Desginer, Sound


Download 61 MB

Development log


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The collaborative puzzles in the second level is really fun. I enjoyed the game a lot. You guys improved the game a lot compared to the earlier version. The visual cues in the first level that you added make it easier for players to detect dangerous items and consumables. In the second level, I think the dragon's attack could be adjusted to make it a bit easier for players to dodge. The increasing waves is an interesting mechanic for the boss and I like how challenging it is, but it gets a bit frustrating when it's too hard to dodge. Adding a health bar for the dragon could be good to help players know how well they're doing.

I love the visual design in scene1 and the ending scene. So beautiful! The bubble mechanism in scene2 is fun and playful. I also appreciate the control instructions at the beginning. But sometimes I can't see the platform and I don't know where to go.

I really liked the level designs in this game especially the visual art. While I loved the porcupines shooting power of ejecting shells from his back, I feel it's walk can be animated better. Another effect I loved was seeing the character using the bubble to rise. It was such innovative addition to your game which also added an element of puzzle.

-- Bhuvan

First of all, I love the title. You've really brought everything together. The levels are fun, and I like the puzzle elements, in addition to levels that prioritize movement or action. 

The last level with the dragon boss is very difficult. I think it's the amount of fireballs that are hurtling towards you that makes it feel almost impossible to beat. If you reduced that, and gave the boss a health bar, we would get some great feedback loops to enhance the gameplay!

- Kevin

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I love both the visuals and the collaborative aspect of this game. It's fun and it was well executed. You've managed to blend the characters and the scenario majestically. I also like how you introduce the controls in-game, in the beginning, and I appreciate the decision to make a single health bar for the team.  

For a future iteration, I suppose the game would benefit from adding a non-fixed hud that indicates where the goal is (for the level 1), since you don't really know what you're supposed to go before reaching the top. I would also change the particle effects from the items on the top. They are going up, so the player can barely see it. Instead, I would maybe highlight the outline of the item or add some aura to it. After all, those are just details and this game is high-quality enough. 

I absolutely adore the level design in this game. You found a lot of creative ways to enrich the gameplay. It is also inspiring to understand how you dealt with character colliders and jumps. 

- Zhenyu (Dean)

A well-designed game full of details and interesting collaboration. Love the beautiful visual and the sound effects which makes the game experience more enjoyable!

- Chenwei(Angela)

My favorite game! The levels are designed so well and the signs are helpful. The collaborative style is very well thought! Overall, the game is very completed at a high-level.

The visuals are just amazing! I like that each levels kind of act like a tutorial. It was interesting to se the dragon attacking in different timings.


Great job!! The visuals are even better than polish pass before! Although the three characters are different from each other, the game has nonetheless incorporated them well and they are so cute! I love the dragon/monster character, it levels up the difficulty and gameplay!

---- Junru

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Your visuals are such poetics. This game has a high level of aesthetics, providing players with an immersive adventure experience. The design of the three characters is creative. The collaborations between the characters are interesting. I also like your background music which is a great match for your game.

- Jinyun

I love your game mechanism, in which players need to collaborate to win, instead of fighting each other. I wish the second level can be a little easier.