"Hi, little one! It's been a long time since a living being visited our forest. Are you here for the essence of our oldest tree nymph? He will be more than happy to give you some of it.  Enjoy your journey, and be cautious with the threats!"

I designed a Korean goblin (Dokkaebi) character simply and delightfully. I focused on Environmental Design to have a magical forest ambiance. 


  • A&D / Left and Right Arrow to Move
  • Space to jump
  • Left Mouse to Shoot


DokkaebiInAdventure_WebGLBuild.zip 18 MB


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Such an amazing game. The forest design is so impressive and it creates an immersive vibe to play with. The movements are smoothly done! very enjoyable!

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First of all, the graphics looks so good! I really like how you put a blurred foreground to make audience as if they are peeking through the forest. And I really like the jumping mechanics! They are really thoughtful and make the player think. One suggestion may be to have more instructions either in the game or in the description, so we can have a better sense of the story / mechanics. 

---- Junru

Thank you so much! I totally agree with more narratives into this game. Again, thank you for the comment and I will take your advice in considewr when I am going to iterate the game next time:D

no problem! Good luck!