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You don’t know who you are or what you are, just exploring mysterious and mystical underwater. Experience the calm ambiance of an underwater surrounded by beautiful sea creatures, which will guide you to the unknown city.  

Through this journey, you will discover who you are or what your are!

*This is a school project for The New School made for non-commercial use.*


  • A swimming simulator.
  • A calm underwater cave that leads to the lost city.
  • No interaction.
  • Music switches when a player enters a new scene.

How to play:

  • 'WASD' to move
  • 'Space' to move up
  • 'Shift' to move down
  • 'Mouse' to direct

Team Roles:

  • You Jin:
    • Story
    • Music
    • Modeling
    • Menu
    • Note-taking
  • Jib:
    • Story
    • Modeling
    • Lighting
    • Set Decoration
    • Note-taking
  • Jhun: 
    • Story
    • Player movement
    • Camera Fog
    • Set Decoration
    • Scene Transition
  • Harris:
    • Story
    • Terrain Modeling
    • Asset Modeling
    • Texturing


  • Menu Scene Music: 
  • Lost City Music: 
  • Las Scene Music:


Mac_underwater.app.zip 118 MB

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