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The Wild Hunt revolves around a story embedded in European folklore in which a ghostly host appears in the sky in a wild hunting pursuit. It is said that seeing the host can lead to the observer's death or their abduction into a ghostly realm or the underworld. In our game, players take on the role of fighting the Wild Hunt.

Wild Hunt: The Tables Turn follows the concept of ghost hunting and exorcisms, where players take on the role of a ghost hunter who is on a mission to exorcise evil spirits. Take up the mantle of ghost hunter and explore the real world in order to discover and exorcise the evil ghosts lurking in the dark.

We recommend playing this game in the dark to experience its true atmosphere!

How to Play:

1. Start the game and explore to look for ghosts.

2. Once you find them, there are a few things you can do: attack, charged attack, help the ghost move on, and exorcise. 

3. Once the ghost is attacked enough, it will turns black as it is weakended and you will able to swipe them.

4. There are different types of ghosts! While you should be exorcising the evil ones, you should help the kind ones move on!

5. Once your power reaches 75%, you will be able to see the rare ghosts!

6. The game ends when the rare ghost is exorcised.

Playable Location: Union Square Park

Full Game Play:


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