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Do you miss the childhood fantasy where the world becomes an adventure and you become a hero? The Missing Piece is a perfect game to evoke your childhood imagination and fantasy! However, this game has underlying darkness at the end. Explore and escape the imaginary house as great-kid-warriors to reveal the mysterious ending.

The Missing Piece is a cooperative action and puzzle game of four kids trying to escape the imaginary house. Children who are victims of an alcoholic mother uses imagination as a way of escaping reality. Breaking free from the house is a metaphor of facing reality because outside represent, out of the imagination.

**  This game requires 4 Players and 4 Ps4 Controllers  **

Developed by:

  • You Jin Song: Character  Design & Animation / Programmer
  • Costas Constantinides: Programmer / Concept Designer
  • Analisse Guadeloupe: Programmer
  • Nicole Polidore: Level Designer / Environment Design


** NOTE!!! **

Right now our game is really buggy so I took out the lava damage (because the pillow platform pushes the player rather than drag them) and light puzzle in the level two. I added the video of light puzzle.


_The Missing Piece_Final_MAC.zip 35 MB
_The Missing Piece_final_PC.zip 35 MB

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